Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2002 Ke Yi Xing Puerh Raw

2002 Ke Yi Xing Raw Pu-erh this one is nice in appearance when dry I have a sample size of it broke off the brick and ready to be steeped, I notice big leaves folded and just a few stems, dark and light brown colored with a slight earthy scent, after the rinse the leaves are darker brown and slightly chopped looking and I see more stems so what I saw in the dry as folded leaves were actually big  pieces of leaves pressed together still to create a folded appearance. The aroma at this point is earthy but not woodsy, forest floor type earthy its more like back yard garden type earthy.
1st infusion is brown and very smooth like a ripe puerh but quite thin, it has the aroma still of the backyard garden with very root-like earthy flavor much like a beet.
2nd infusion is about the same in color but the flavor is much stronger of the earthy beets in fact its a very strong flavor that tastes like big red beets.
I have a very earthy aftertaste in my mouth that is nice.
3rd infusion little darker, I can still see the bottom of the cup if I look close enough but still plenty dark in color but still a thin tea. Still the same earthy beet taste as the previous infusion but this time developing almost spinach type notes, I wanted to not like that taste at first but it's actually not so bad.
4th infusion still just as dark brown as the 3rd there is a little of the spinach type notes but not enough to replace the beet like taste. The earthy aftertaste is quite pleasant

I want to say here that most folks who drink puerh will understand what I'm talking about in my taste descriptions(I hope) while those who drink other teas may not,This is Puerh and puerh is know to have "Earthy" notes so when I'm talking about beet and spinach flavors and notes I'm not talking about flavorings or anything like that, its not like steeping a beet it's just the earthy flavor of this Puerh Tea itself is reminiscent  of eating beets or spinach to me that's all, this is just the way I describe this particular earthy flavor, it's not Beet flavored Tea :)

5th steep and the color just started getting lighter brown but the flavors are still coming through, I'm not sure that this one is going to develop into anything much more so I'm going to end this review saying that this is a very nice and earthy puerh to me I enjoyed it, I'm going to watch a movie now and try to enjoy it a few more times since it was just a sample, I may even want to buy some of it so I can try it again.

Sorry no actually photos taken by me again I'm going to fix that soon :) My Sample did not look like this


  1. I got that 'beet', lol. It's a earthy with a certain bite about it, right? Anyways, I didn't try that one, I might when I come back in Mostar :) Great review, only if you showed us some pic. Did that worked out with camera I told you to do ?

  2. You get what I'm talking about, you should try it when you get back. I haven't tried that with the camera yet, i'm going to try it in the morning tho :)

  3. I guess my comment text is white so it won't show, hhhhmmmm