Sunday, October 21, 2012

2006 Dayi Puerh 7572

2006 Dayi 7572, this one has a sweet aroma from the dry cake and after the first rinse it turned into a slightly sweet mushoomy type aroma that is very nice it takes you to the edge of a damp forest after the rain at dusk and you smell the sweet forest floor covered with mushrooms and other strange things. 1st infusion you are walking into that forest and dusk is now night and you can taste the woods and earth and mushrooms. 2nd infusion and your nearing the middle of the forest and the woods are getting thicker and the mushrooms are huge and and it's much darker about midnight now. 3rd infusion you decide to have a sit down on the forest floor for a while you are surrounded by a ring of mushrooms and its very dark, you hear a sound in the distant but you don't mind you are peaceful and calm, you loose yourself for a while as you close your eyes and drink in the forest....bliss. 4th infusion you open your eyes and you see that its not quite as dark as before you know that dawn must be near so you stand up and start leaving the thick dark forest, its light enough now that you can find your way home. 5th infusion you've made it out of the thick forest into the outer woods it is dawn now and you can see you house through the sticks and shrubs you take one last look back at the dark forest and as you turn back around you are at your table and you realize that you did not just have a walk through a Dark Damp Forest from Dusk till Dawn, You just spent an hour with a really great tea that's all. I've heard a saying before that went something like "each cup of tea is an imaginary journey" This Tea was an amazing Journey!I've had this similar aroma and experience from many puerh and its always strangely enjoyable, this is what tea can do for you if you let it :)

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