Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2011 Fu Zhuan Tea

This Tea is not for everybody, it is different :) This is what the
website has to say about it which isn't much ~This brick was 
made by Hunan Xiangyi Tea Factory, the flagship company of
Fu Zhuan, for Tibetan and Mongolia people who just love it –
cannot live without this stuff. Low cost does not translate into 
low quality here. It is traditional to make a Fu Zhuan with all
stems and leaves chopped up. It’s best to drink it after a heavy 
meal, for example, a greasy steak or BBQ.
Now you have the opportunity to taste a genuine Tibetan & 
Mongolia Tea~
At first with this tea I was iffy because I didn't really know what
I was buying and it had Eurotium Cristatum which is a fungus
called “Golden Flower"it is a dominant fungus in the production
The scientist has only identified this natural microorganism in
 the past 30 years. The Institute of Food Science, Jishou 
University study that “ Eurotium cristatum improves the digestion
 and absorption of starch and protein, but inhibits the 
decomposition and absorption of fat.” People believe that 
“Golden Flower” can improve the quality of Tea
Crushed tea leaves: there is a procedure called “shreding”
 during the process of making tea in order to shred crudely 
dark tea for pressing and formation of golden flower.
Many tea stalks: proper amount of tea stalks make appropriately
 tight tea brick, which help to form golden flower 
(Eurotium Cristatum); tea stalks also contain rich fragrance.
At the time of my first purchase I had no Clue about this "Golden
Flowers" so I was like WTF is this in my Tea? I later learned
about it and realized that I love it, Before I knew about it I wouldn't
keep the first purchase in the house My only though was to get that
Fungus as far away from Lance as possible(gave it to my brother)
because I didn't realize it was harmless to him too,
I thought it may damage his lungs 
because he isn't well (long Story) but that is a thing of the past and
now that I know we can both enjoy the Fu Zhuan.
It's nothing spectacular but I enjoy it a lot it has a very earthy 
flavor and It does kinda taste haylike to me, I use it when I make
my Butter Tea and use it for other recipes also.
This Tea looks like something you would not want to drink, it is
full of stems and sticks and the leaves really look old and crusty
but it really is not bad, This particular one has less "Golden Flower"
but still tastes pretty good. Very smooth and kinda hard to 
actually describe the taste it almost has a raw/green puerh taste
but brews up like a ripe puerh tho I personally wouldn't even call it 
a Puerh myself it is something else. The Gold dust is good and not
scary at all you guys should try this one. This is a link to my "review"
of my very first purchase of this tea about 10 months ago

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