Friday, October 12, 2012

A Tea Blog???

Hello :) first entry here is nothing I guess, I'm going to use this to post about teas and tea reviews and to share what i'm doing sometimes  while i'm drinking my teas, nothing amazing or anything but just something to bide my time and benefit me, I hope folks will enjoy reading it also :) Let me see if i can put some old pics on here for my first post i don't know if it will work tho cuz i have to get use to all this, pics are at least 2 years old, please don't laugh,  my brother took those pics, they are from when I use to like to go out in the field alone and have tea with my baby dog, he was just happen to be there that day to take pics of me, i don't really like the pics but hey it's me having tea :) I hope you enjoy.

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