Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chocolate Chai by Steapshoppe

Chocolate Chai by was very interesting, I have to say that this one needs a little sugar to become the chocolate chai that I was expecting, with no sugar it tasted like a "Pepper Chai" to some folks that would be a complaint but to me it is not because I happen to enjoy pepper a lot even in teas sometimes and lots of it so I think the Pepper is a really nice touch, I was able to try it sweetened some and it was very nice still peppery but there was the taste of chocolate and was a well balanced Chocolate Chai IMO, I also was able to try this one with a little milk because I enjoy milk in my chai most of the time and well that didn't work out the flavors just don't hold milk very well it did get quite creamy but it lost the chocolate and tasted like warm pepper milk lol its just not right with milk. very little sugar will bring out the chocolate and tone down the pepper some and its almost perfect but just a little too peppery which I liked a lot :) Also it looks very nice big pretty visible recognizable cloves and cinnamon and such, very pretty to look at and Smells nice and spicy too. I like this tea. I'm looking forward to discussion soon about this tea with Janet of Steapshoppe possibly my own Facebook page or on Steepster :)

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