Monday, October 22, 2012

Coffee Pu-erh by DavidsTea

I had Coffee Puerh this morning from David's Tea, I was not bad the Puerh had a nice earthy flavor to it but I had to add sugar to make the flavorings taste good, it was good kinda like dirt and chocolate at first then it balanced out after a second steep it had some caramel hints but still very chocolate, it has whole coffee beans it and I crushed those up before I brewed mine just because I didn't like the way it looked lol Much to my surprise this tea wanted to re-steep a few more times but after the 4th it was just chocolate taste and very little tea, interesting most "flavored" teas I try tend to make strong "flavors" on 1st steep then loose most of that flavor and do not re-steep well, not so with this one. I had to stop because it was hurting my belly it needs sugar to taste "good" and sugar these days just isn't good for my belly. Sorry I have no photos this time (camera issues) but here is a link to Davidstea Coffee Puerh.

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  1. Maybe your stomach lining is irritated by caffeine and/or sugar? Oh, I had mini tuo cha with coffee beans two years ago and I didn't like it :)