Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cracked Gaiwan :(

I got this one just this month, it took a while for me to notice it because I had to make tea with it a few times before it would show up, now that I see it I'm like WTH???  Each brew makes it get darker and darker, I look back at some of my post on Facebook and such and that's all I can see now is this big ass crack down the side, I did notice it on the lip one day but I wiped off the tea and I couldn't see it and didn't realize it was a crack. I really liked this one too, now I'm not sure if I should just put it up for looks or use it till it breaks, with my luck what is cracked WILL break one day. Oh Well :(

I think what saddens me more is that it took me so long to see it, I feel bad, like a deadbeat dad who didn't even notice that his baby was sick till it was too late, Shame on me :(


  1. superglue works wonders. and if done right you shouldent notice it either. i'v glued gaiwan lids together with superglue and the only thing you notice if its not scraped/sanded smooth is some tea discoloration. but if done on the outside this should put it to a minimum. also your gaiwan is a darker color so it may blend in better.

  2. I'm trying to get replacement from ESGREEN but they are being unreasonable, I hope my comments are working on here.