Monday, October 15, 2012

My Transmutation Glaze Tea Set with Jade Ice-cracks-Spring Dew-

I bought this the other day, and it finally got here
I'm so happy :) I put up my pics of it, It come
from the site
This special tea set is in the style of the 
ancients. The rough surface decorated with 
bright jade glazed textures with ice-cracks.
Steep some aged teas with this tea set, seat 
yourself in the warm afternoon sunshine.
 Fall back to ancient times.
This tea set includes:
1pc Hand-grasp pot.(Gaiwan)
Total width: 120mm
Top Diameter: 98mm
Bottom Diameter: 48mm
Height: 84mm
Capacity: Around 260ml
1pc Serving Pitcher
Diameter: 85mm
Height: 78mm
6pcs Teacups
Diameter: 65mm
Height: 42mm

Capacity: Around 50ml


  1. I love your set Tommy! Its gorgeous!

  2. Thank You, I love it, I've used it a few times already :)