Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Santikhiri Sen Cha

This is a very nice green tea it is light and grassy with almost sweetcorn type notes, creamy smooth like an Oolong with some astringency towards the end and lingering mouthfeel, this Green Tea has some Oolong nuances.  The Aroma was typical grassy/vegetal green tea aromas, Overall a very Pleasant Tea for everyday drinking.
DMS Santikhiri Sen Chaa Green Tea, leaves; loose 

green leaves tea from a species local to North 
Thailand. In the mountain region of Doi Mae Salong, 
where this tea is cultivated by the local 
Yunnan-origin population, the plant finds optimal 
conditions at heights between 1200 and 1600 meters
and a climate characterized by a 3 seasons, a rainy 
period, a hot and dry period and a cold period, each 
of them lasting about 4 months a year. 
In the nomenclature of this tea Santikhiri stands for 
the tea plant's local origin (official Thai name for 
Doi Mae Salong), while Sen Chaa are the Thai words
for tea leaves.
The large open leave gives a clear and bright 
yellow-green infusion. Only moderate bittering with
appropriate temperature of the used water.
In the processing, to obtain Green Tea, unlike the 
partly fermented Oolong Teas or in case of the 
completely fermented Black Tea, the fermentation
process of the tea leaves is stopped through heating 
right after a brief withering period. Apart from the 
characteristic taste and aroma of Green  Teas, is procedure 
ensures that nearly all active substances contained 
in the fresh tea leave remain preserved. 
DMS Santkhiri Sen Chaa Green Tea, leaves, 
combines the classical taste of traditional Chinese
Green Tea with  the  well-known health benfits of 
the same. Best taste results are achieved with 3-5 
grams of tea leaves infused with 300ml of ca. 75°C 
hot water for an infusion period of 1- 3 minutes. 
The tea will maintain taste and aroma for 2-3 
infusions, depending on the duration of the 
individual infusion periods

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