Sunday, November 11, 2012

China Panyoang Congou by Upton Tea Imports

I remember the first time I tried this one I love the bold maltyness and sweet tobacco like notes, I enjoyed this one for it bold deep flavors, This time I tried it and it was very robust and bold with a nice strong black tea aroma, I was right i remember it bold and nice and remind me of a Keemun in some way and other way like am Assam for the maltyness but not much smokyness that I get with some Keemuns, This one from Upton to me has a slightly sweet tobacco flavors to it that I see other don'y get from reading their reviews but i get it (may because I use to chew tobacco),I did not have sugar or milk with this one this morning) I do enjoy some with milk and sugar and this one take milk well) instead I made nice a strong and straight, I wanted to enjoy my tobacco notes almost even cocoa type notes, I usually do short steeps but this was one I wanted at full flavor I still got about 45steeps from it tho increasing steeps times by a few seconds each after the 2nd steep.
This is a ver enjoyable Tea for morning drinking or afternoon drinking I like it a lot, Thanks to my friend Marlena who introduced me to this tea you can see her blog here :)

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