Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Tea (Mélange Noël) by Upton Tea Imports

Christmas Tea (Mélange Noël)
by Upton Tea Imports

   A blend of black tea with cloves, vanilla and cardamom. Decorated with citrus peel, rose petals and almond pieces.
This product contains tree nuts (almonds). 
   black tea, citrus peels, rose petals, chopped almonds, cloves, vanilla bits, cardamom, artificial flavor 

Steeping Suggestions: - 
Leaf Quantity: 2¼ g/cup
Water Temp: 212º (boiling)
Steep Time: 4 min.

It's pretty cold outside tonight and Lance says it's going to get colder so I decided I'd stay warm inside and have a Tea from My Upton Winter Season Sampler, this was an accidental purchase I was actually ordering an Oolong Sampler but I got the winter Sampler instead, no big deal I'm kinda glad actually because it's starting to get cold and some of these Teas may be just right, Like this one tonight.
When I opened this one It smelled very nice like Christmas candles or potpourri very strong scent, strong enough that I was expecting a strong flavors, the flavors were very nice and well balanced tho.
I made a pot of this Tea because it smelled so good I thought it was going to make the whole room smell like Christmas but the scent wasn't that strong when steeping.
Very tasty Tea first thing that I noticed is that when you take your first sip of this one you are not just flooded with all the flavorings, you taste black tea first off nice and strong and slightly astringent, next thing I notice is the clove and cardamom I may be wrong in describing this as a spicy flavor but that's what it is to me I get spiciness of the cloves and such yet not too overpowering at all perhaps the roses and vanilla smooth those out and make them subtle. the last cup of the first pot was quite strong in the cloves and slightly more astringent most likely from the sediment in the bottom of the pot and the cup, after drinking it I can see the little particles in the bottom.

I steeped this one a second time around just to see and it worked quite nice with a slightly different flavor profile this time around it is slightly lighter in color but still strong enough to taste good, I could tell that it most likely would not be good for a 3rd steeping, the first thing I taste this time is citrus like orange spice type flavors and cloves but this times the cloves are a little more subtle even then the next thing I taste just before swallowing is the nice black tea on the end with slight astringency on the aftertaste.
I see on steepster that this is labeled a black chai but I would consider not quite a chai but a very nice flavored black tea.
Lance enjoyed the second pot with me, he said it tasted like an orange spice tea to him and that it was nice and "Christmassy" but to me the scent of the Tea is more like Christmas than the flavor of it but it is much nicer than some other "Christmas Tea"
I've had in the past.

Sorry to make this one so long but since I was enjoying this Tea so much I decided to go one more round with it I started over with the dry leaves to make for a new first pot.
I enjoyed the first cup of the New pot regular and it was just as nice as the first time by the time I was ready for the second cup I decided to try with some milk and a little sweetener. 
In the fridge was Lances Holiday coffee creamer(which I had forgotten about)from Bailey's, White Silk & Spice is what it is called and it was screaming to go into this tea so I obliged and poured a little in there, it was quite nice but the creamer has such a bold flavor itself it's probably best for a tea that's a little more bold and thick than this one, it made this tea pretty much just taste like the creamer, it seemed like a good idea tho lol :)
BTW- the Bailey's White Silk & Spice coffee creamer really is wonderful in the right tea, if you enjoy milk and sugar in your tea and like chais or flavored Teas you should totally get ya some, I think it's just around for the holidays.

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