Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Country Living by sTEApshoppe

"Country Living is just that, a blend of floral, fruity earthy flavors that will bring up the image of a beautiful country day in an apple orchard smelling the wild flowers while the wind whips through the trees. No one note is overpowering they simply form a wonderful breeze of flavors in your mouth."

This is invigorating to me, nice and crisp,I get subtle flavors of Pear & Apple maybe even a little peachy too with slight floral notes. this one reminded me of summer way back like in the 80's probably with water sprinklers going and a slip and slide laid out, the dog running after us only to stop short at the water lol, Daddy on the BBQ grill and Mom under her big umbrella sitting in the little garden area with all her pretty summer flowers around her, I can imagine her with a big ole pitcher of this one one ice :) 

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