Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!! Sunrise Sensation by Steapshoppe

Sunrise Sensation is a wonderful new tea sent to me to try from Janet at and it is very good.
We tried this one with our friend Rich, He saw Lance looking at some new teas that I got in the mail, they were picking out the pretty ones so they could smell them lol. Lance and Rich both liked the smell of it so much that they said they wanted to try it too.
Rich said it tasted like cinnamon rolls to him and he liked it a good bit he said it was nice and strong.
Lance tasted cinnamon rolls and chocolate and he loves it and wants more lol He made he ask Janet when it was going to be for sale. 
And I taste black tea and raisin bread toast with cinnamon & spice with white icing glaze, maybe even french toast with syrup. 
Three different type flavors from three different folks but all without killing the taste of the actual tea and all kinda breakfast related, This tea is great and should be called "Breakfast!"

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