Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Stuff from a Yard Sale :)

I saw a yard sale sign in my neighborhood when we were coming home today so I had Lance drive around the block to find it, my Grandmother use to go to yard sales every weekend, sometimes you find good things, like today. I saw the carafes from the street and I thought I bet that would keep some  tea warm, when I saw them up close I realized that they were from Gevalia which is coffee stuff I'm sure but I figured if they can keep a pot of coffee warm then they can do the same for tea, I got 2 carafes, a canister and 4 Gevalia cups and a travel cup with no lid all for just 5$ I couldn't pass it up, We drink coffee here sometimes and friends who come over like coffee now we can keep a pot warm at the table for them. I don't mind that they have Gevalia on them we will gladly use them still.

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