Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oolong Superior Grade and Wabi Sabi Gaiwan

Oolong Superior Grade
   This bolder-leaf offering has the smooth character one would expect with a more fermented Formosa Oolong tea. The cup has earthy/woody notes and subtle hints of rose petal. This classic style is getting increasingly difficult to find. 

Steeping Suggestions: - 
Leaf Quantity: 2¼ g/cup
Water Temp: 190°
Steep Time: 3-4 min.

WABI SABI GAIWAN from Mighty Leaf Tea
The gaiwan, or lidded bowl, is a celebrated vessel for the brewing of fine green, white and oolong teas. This 4.5-ounce container is made of ceramic and will illuminate the complex flavors of any high-grade Mighty Leaf tea brewed inside. You can use to infuse loose tea and then pour into another drinking verssel, or you can drink right out of the gaiwan. The lid of the gaiwan has infuser holes built in so that you can lift the vessel to your mouth and drink the liquid while the leaves are trapped inside.

I decided to make tea outside since it was a nice day out, the sun was shining and the moon was out and it was nice and crisp with a slight cool breeze, not only was it a nice day outside but it was a nice day for me too because I got some teas and a new gaiwan in the mailbox today.
This tea was a nice cup of tea in contrast to the weather because it was warm and toasty with some hints of spice. the first few steeps were nice and bold and slightly nutty in flavor with some spicy notes, nice. 
After a few steeps that slight nutty flavor turns into a slight woody flavor, still quite toasty and slightly earthy.
At about 5 or 6 steeps and this one has a slightly bittersweet, earthy woody type of flavor with a hint of spice to it that to Me is reminiscent to the way Sandalwood smells but in a pleasant way(i know that sounds weird).
This gaiwan is the Wabi Sabi Gaiwan from Mighty Leaf Tea, it was given to me by a friend she goes by Azzrian Visions, I'm loving it,it is very easy to use, Thanks Azzrian!
It has a wide lip around the top as you can see and that actually makes it easy to grasp,the lid has filter holes in it to keep the leaves back and its lightweight and easy to use. The photos that I took of mine just don't show what it really looks like, it is dark rusty brown and sea foam green slightly mixed almost marbled looking with a iridescent green shine to it. It is ceramic but it looks like it is carved from some type of stone like soapstone or something. I really like this one a lot :)
I took a photo of the moon in the sky today too, I'm not sure how well it shows in the photos. I was just sipping tea looking up at the moon and I noticed an airplane bout to pass the moon so I took a photo of it for no good reason.
I had a good time outside today with my tea and my dog, she enjoyed the tea too she kept slipping up to sip on it.

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  1. :) So happy you love the Gaiwan!!!
    I love mine too!
    So perfect and your tea sounds AMAZING!