Monday, November 5, 2012

Organic Pu'erh Ginger by DAVIDsTEA

Organic Pu'erh Ginger by DAVIDsTEA
~Combining pu’erh and ginger is like creating an arsenal. These are two of Chinese medicine’s best weapons, each with their own long history of legends and traditional uses. They also happen to be delicious. Especially when blended with a hint of orange, for a hint of citrus to complement the zesty earthiness.~
I like the Ginger in this Tea its nice and spicy and the Orange zest is a nice touch too, this to me is quite a perfect Ginger Pu'erh other than making one from scratch at home. I have many times made this myself with Pu'erh and fresh ginger tea that's the way I like to use Ginger and I'm fond also of adding Orange zest/peel to some teas, if I needed this tea and did not feel like making it myself this one would be the one I would want. You can really feel that good burn from the Ginger(because it's tore up with shreds and not just chunks and slices,imo) and the orange zest is a great touch the Orange spice mellows the Ginger bite some giving it a really nice balance in flavor. The Pu'erh seems decent its earthy but clean and seems to have a thick black liquid but I think the Ginger and Orange zest take away from some of Pu'erh's flavor(meaning I can't pick out many other flavor notes in the Pu'erh itself for all the other flavors), the Pu'erh could be a little better in this one. It is a great tea overall.
P's I forgot to mention the aroma it pretty much just smells like Ginger.

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