Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wuyi Rock Yulan Xiang ShuiXian Oolong by Puershop

Wuyi Rock Yulan Xiang ShuiXian Oolong
Very nice tea. The aroma was slightly vegetal with chocolate notes. It has a 2 tone flavor profile to me because the first few infusions in the beginning are toasty and nutty with even a little earthiness after a few cup its starts to mellow out into more floral sweet almost grassy type flavor while retaining that toasty tone. I really enjoy this one. I think I'll buy some more of these the website say they can keep for a long time, they come in 7gram packages.
The last photo with the small cup was for my baby dog, she must always have her own tea or she will sip mine :)


  1. Excellent photos and love the way your blog is looking these days! Good work! This tea sounds great.

    1. Thank you :) I been trying to work on it some