Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Darjeeling Oolong 2nd flush Jungpana by sTEApshoppe

2012 Darjeeling Oolong 2nd flush Jungpana by sTEApshoppe
I haven't had many Darjeeling teas so I'm not very familiar with them and the few I have had were flavored or nothing of note to me(Darjeeling in a teabag at a restaurant  usually) not that they were bad just nothing special about them. This one tho is very interesting and was super delicious I loved everything about it.
This one started out with vegetal notes like that of asparagus to me with a pleasant astringency on the first steep the second steep was much less astringent, slightly vegetal with nutty notes of pecans and the third steep was just wonderful smooth with no astringency and  nutty notes of buttered pecans. This is one of those samples that I drink up and then think Damn! I wish I had more. This one is listed a Darjeeling Oolong and like I said I don't know anything about Darjeeling teas but this one tastes like it really wanted to be a Black tea. This one is on my wishlist, I'm going to have to get more of this one because I really want to spend some more time with this very tasty tea. This is the second Darjeeling I've had from steapshoppe the first one was really good too, I think I like Darjeeling teas :)

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