Friday, December 7, 2012

Chocolate Orange White Tea by sTEApshoppe

This one is really good tea too, the orange and cinnamon is more dominate at first then gives way to the creamy chocolate, I like to re steep as much as I can and I found that with this one the chocolate comes out more while the orange tones down some in later steeps, then the cinnamon comes back out with the chocolate, it’s a chameleon of a tea meaning its hard to tell what the whole flavor is like because it keeps changing flavors and each cups is a little different from the next to me. I like the fact that this tea changes its flavors notes I find it very interesting also I simply LOVE Chocolate Orange Teas so I will surely be buying more of this soon. If you are expecting your typical Orange Chocolate type flavors from this one it is not for you but if you are seeking a Chocolate Orange Tea like no other You’ve had before that’s sure to become a fave then Maybe this Is the one for You. Do try, I strongly recommend this Tea. I’m not going to lie at first upon tasting this tea I said to myself “needs lot more chocolate” but that was before I realized that it was a chameleon and would deliver the chocolate later, I love chocolate so I was just impatient, this one will give you your chocolate fix and then some. Also I like a flavored tea that can re steep and not loose its flavor some expensive flavored teas use up all their flavors on the first steep and then taste just “funny or fake” afterwards. So far none of the sTEApshoppe teas have done that to me they always re-steep at least once or more for another cup and many often times the second or third cups are the best, I ‘m really glad I met Janet from sTEApshoppe, she is a nice good Lady in my opinion who does great work making her teas taste good for us. I will soon have a sTEApshoppe collection as well as a Siam Tee collection in their own little corner of my tea room. 
I already have an Upton collection that I need to display, speaking of upton they are one of my fav places for tea BUT unlike sTEAshoppe they are quite impersonal organization it seems(I never had problem with their customer service and no problems with them or issues contacting them)But it was Never on a personal level at all in any way I never spoken with the owner/operator because they are just such huge company that may not have time to address you personally which I understand But I can speak with Janet herself the owner/operator and I buy from a few other places where I can actually speak to the main person them selves and I enjoy that the most, in fact I’d rather pay even more money for teas to a place where I’m actually talking to the owner or operator of the place rather than get the same tea cheaper from a place that I have no type or customer relations with at all, you are a person and customer to some companies But you can also be just an account and order number to another company. I don’t know about you but I am a person, Janet at sTEAshoppe makes me feel like a person and not a order number :)
If you’e made it this far i’m cool nothings wrong I just wanted to point out the things I stated above because this is a sTEAshoppe review and for me it is one of those personal favorite with a real person behind it who is very nice to me :) Thanks Janet!
This is a crazy post,I know, I totally just rambled and prattled along but I think I needed to do that a little bit, thanks for reading, I hope you could follow it :)
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 Chocolate Orange Tea