Saturday, December 8, 2012

Powdered Green Tea Box Set from Upton Tea Imports

Powdered Green Tea Box Set from Upton Tea Imports
   A set of individually packaged powdered sencha and gen-mai cha. May be used with hot or cold water to make a cup of "instant" tea. The set includes 10 packet tubes of each green tea. The sample contains 2 of each. Each tube of 0.4 grams makes one 5-ounce cup. 
First I want to say that I was not at first going blog about this tea just because I'm not very impressed with it but not because i didn't enjoy it but because it wasn't like a TEA to me, I was just going to put my notes for it on Steepster but what do ya know its not in Steepster already so I had to add it and No Surprise Somebody forgot to turn off the kettle and I tried 6 or 7 times to add this tea with NO results, I notice these days that Steepster has been messing up a lot here lately and for longer periods of time, I love Steepster but I do wish it were a little more reliable.
OK now about this tea, I bought a sample of it for the Sencha but it's a set that has the Genmaicha also 2 small packets of each in the sample, I was curious if the "powdered sencha" was like a matcha or a nasty instant tea(I noticed the description said"instant" tea) so I ordered it. Anyways I tried the Genmaicha first and my curiosity was quenched it is not like matcha at all it IS more like instant tea powder But not like a typical nasty instant tea powder.The Genmaicha, hhhmmm I wasn't quite sure what to think about it honestly I couldn't much taste the tea but some creamy milky tasting drink instead, It smells like puffed barley cereal but to me it tasted like drinking the skim milk after eating a bowl of rice crispies cereal with no sugar(do you eat rice crispies with skim milk and no sugar?) its not bad at all in fact I drank both packets back to back and enjoyed it but just not enough for it to be a part of MY teas, its more like a tea type drink to me so that's why I wasn't impressed with it so much as a TEA, Very good Tea Type drink tho. Sorry my pics are bad I wasn't going to blog tonight :)

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