Friday, December 7, 2012

RE-BLOG! Fine Tea Focus - JAS eTea, LLC: What’s a Hand-blended Tea?

I saw this today in my Tea Lover Group posted by Stephen Shelton What is a Hand Blended Tea?  so I read the article and I enjoyed it, I wanted to share it so I clicked the little share buttons on the bottom, I'm guessing THIS particular button is going to "re-blog" this on my blog? looks like it(not sure, still new to this blogger thing) anyways I hope its ok to "re-blog" like this if not then I'm sure someone will tell me so lol. Anyway Please Look at Stephen's tea store JAS eTeas,I've not had to pleasure to order with him yet but he's got some good teas and even teas from Thailand (which are my favs now lol ) so please check out his store here JAS eTea  - Thanks Stephen Shelton
Please just click the first Link to read "What is a blended Tea?"

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