Monday, January 7, 2013

Palladium Blend by Physique

I got a few samples from Physique after posting to their facebook, They said I could try a few teas to review and I said Yes and told them that I would try the teas and review them honestly based on the taste of the teas cuz there was something strange going on at steepster with their reviews and ratings it was craziness, Anyways this is what I had to say on steepster.
I like this one it tastes and smells very good, it is very chocolatey and minty almost as good as junior mints or peppermint patties but there is something else going on with the flavor of this one that kinda throws off the “peppermint pattie” thing, it has spiced notes to it most likely because a big pretty pieces of star anise in each little bag, the chocolate mint or “peppermint pattie” is there and very recognizable but it is mingled with the flavors of the star anise and it actually taste more like eating a black jelly beans and then eating a peppermint pattie afterwards. That may not sound very interesting to some of you but honestly it was a quite enjoyable flavor combination that works very well This tea is quite tasty. I was pleasantly surprised by this one I didn’t read about it before tried it and wasn’t expecting the mint because it smells like all chocolate.
I see that some of the prices on the Physique site have changed, tho some of the teas are a bit pricey but I’m sure that somebody out there will love this tea and be more that glad to buy it without considering it’s price because it really does taste good :)
I also posted a review of this one of physiques website, I stated there that this was pretty to look at also and it is when it is in the bag but for the blog I decided to tear open a bag of it and its kinda choppy and broken, just a few whole leaves, but it does have a pretty star anise in there and it was really tasty :)

I tried to post a video too, but my stupid $%#$ XFINITY internet just won't load it up, sorry.


  1. Hi Toad
    What do you use to brew your tea?


  2. Really glad you liked our tea. Have a wonderful day.

  3. This one i just brewed right in the cup thats pictured above since it was in a teabag :)