Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pearl Single Leafe Tea Gaba Oolong by Physique body of Tea

This is the second tea I've tried out of three different samples that Physique sent me.
This is a good gaba oolong to me, it taste very similar to most of the other gaba oolong I've had, 
As you can see from the video usually use very short steeps just because that's the way it, some folks say my tea is probably "weaker" than "normal" but I think tea is just perfect any way you personally prefer to make it, this tea is very good for many short steeps. I'm not sure how many steeps I got out of it but it was a good bit, steeping this way the tea is tasty from the start but it takes a few steeps to get the leafe to give up all of it's flavors but when it does it just keeps on giving, it has a slightly spicy sweetness with notes of sweet potatoe.
As you can see I chose to use two bags instead of one and I removed them from the teabags, again just personal preference. The steeped leaf outside the bag don't look too bad either some of the leafes are slightly broken and ragged but then again it was in a teabag so I blame the bag :) 
The tea is very tasty and steeps alot so it's a good tea in my book :)