Sunday, February 3, 2013

Flecks of Gold by sTEApshoppe

This tea is very pretty, the name is fitting because the golden tips in the Yunnan black tea are very appealing and with a good imagination the appearance cold be reminiscent of seeing gold flakes shimmering in the dirt.

 You saw it on video there if ya watched, Probably not as long as suggested but still great. The Tea liquor was very thick and bold enough to probably take milk very well with hints of cocoa and slight spice tone, Very solid black tea, no harsh astringency but the pleasant astringency that I'd expect from a such a bold black tea not bitter at all in fact very smooth and mellow, easy to drink. Would be a perfect morning tea or a great afternoon tea to me in fact I decided I wanted to try it like a with some milk and sugar like I would some breakfast Teas so I postponed this post until Saturday after I've tasted it that way. Also I got 3 nice Strong steeps(which were quite consistent to me in taste/flavor), by the 4th steep it was still good but fading a little in flavor enough to not warrant a 5th try.
With Milk & Sugar it stood up very well, I was just as I expected it would I knew it would be a great breakfast tea that way.
It became very creamy and much more smooth, I think I enjoy it best with milk. With milk and sugar the cocoa hint kinda changed into a little milk chocolate note it was quite enjoyable also that slight spice which was so slight it was almost unnoticeable really stuck its head out and started swimming in the milk and was now quite noticeable and with that little milk chocolate note it played very well.That spice rearing it's head in the milk made me want to try the next steep with something special "Bailey's White Silk & Spice creamer" :)
Luckily in in middle of Jan we found one last bottle of that Bailey's that I love so we ~sell by Mar/9/2013~ I grabbed it fast!:) I added 10 sec to the second steep and added this when I was done and OMG! it was most excellent! Very different from adding this to other teas usually this makes a tea taste of vanilla and spice like a vanilla chai but bot this time, I guess the bold delicious flavor of black teas kills out the flavor of the vanilla in this creamer and the spice joins in with the spice of the tea and starts a spice party OMG! again because just Omg this is sooo effing good, good just don't cut it. It's like uumm... no...uuummmmm....not quite......uummm....YEAH!!! that;s it!!
SWEET POTATO PIE!!!  Sweet potato pie melted into liquid, cooled and poured straight in my mouth, so so good! Now that is this tea with the special creamer but you see what I had to say and the tea already, It is a truly great tea.

I can't like this Tea any better, I hope Janet puts it on the site for sell really soon or sends me some more so I can start having it for breakfast!  Good Stuff, if ya don't get some soon and try you are really missing out.

P.S OK So for some reason Blogger is having issues uploading my video at the moment, I'm sorry but if you would please click the link to my You Tube channel thing and watch my video there and "like" it and all that I would very muchly appreciate it, Thank you :)


  1. :) This one was a very nice one, You would probly like it :)

  2. I come home from a very sad day at the hospital with my Mom having her brain surgery and we didn't get the results we were hoping for so I was very upset and worry for my mom, when I get home I check the mailbox and I find in there to my surprise was some more Flecks of Gold and Some Sunrise Sensation for Lance, Janet read my blog and she Did send me some more And it just happen to arrive on a day when I really needed a Smile the most, Thanks Janet for putting a smile on my face through my tears yesterday. Janet is Good People in my book :)