Saturday, February 9, 2013

Black Snail from Upton Teas and A Rant about mean people :)

This is a pretty good and cheap tea for everyday drinking, it's right up my alley when it come to what I personally want or expect from a tea so I just like Cheap Teas? I don't think Cheap has nothing to do money and a lot less to do with value than one may think, Example You buy second flush blah blah Darjeeling that cost much and highly "valued" by other tea drinkers then you make a cup at home and you are "Um..I don't care for this that just cost me 32$ for 75g BUT!! the day before this happened you may have bought this tea 8$ for 250g and you made a cup of it and you personally love it, to YOU it may be much better than the expensive stuff, So Cheap Tea? I don't think it exists really there is only Good Tea and Bad Tea and Tea that suits YOU personally, If a "Cheap" Tea taste good to you them drink that stuff up! I was once told that I'm "Not a respectable member of the Tea Drinking Community" and that my blog post's are "meaningless" because I "drink and talk of Cheap Tea" WELL I suppose that to this person "Cheap" = "Bad". What was said about Me and the "Tea Community" may very well be true BUT I don't think it's true about cheap tea or if it is true it's because I'm not a good blog writer and NOT because I drink cheap teas, anyways OK So This is a really good "CHEAP" Tea It has notes of cocoa and caramel to me, it is thick and creamy and very tasty, it even goes really well with sweetener and milk/creamer in fact I think I enjoy it strong with milk & sugar best, It really taste like milk chocolate that way, I hate to bring out the sugar and cream but this tea is worth it. Also back on the subject of "Cheap" Teas I don't enjoy this tea better with sugar & milk because it is cheap and needs that to be good, It's quite wonderful just on it's own, there again it's just a personal preference thing, just how I prefer it. This post may be hard to understand and I maybe rambled and talked about "cheap" teas too much but I'm just really tired of mean people online saying mean things to other for no reason at all, I know it's human nature to do such thing but the Internet takes the "HUMAN" out of it and it's much easier online to say mean and hurtful things to a person when you don't have to look them in the eyes and says, hiding behind your computer screen makes YOU a Coward and the fact that I'm NOT calling you out by Name to You precious "Tea Drinking Community" makes me feel like the better person, Yet Again,You Know Who You are!!  I know that thousands of folks probably blogged and status updated about this same thing I know I have before but sometimes it helps to just say what ya gotta say. Another thing about this conversation with this person was their use of term "Tea Drinking Community" as of it were there own private secret social circle and that they are the president or godhead and that all members must be "respected" by this person and such I'm sorry but F@&K THAT!  I Do Not Wish to be part of such a "Community" of mean people, Some "tea" folks I meet online are pretty cool but honestly "most" of them are really standoffish, rude, arrogant or just plain mean, I'm not sure why, Does Tea make folk mean? Do I need to stop drinking it now So I don't end up being that same person? Anyways Sorry for the rant but hey this shit happens so much, not that this post is doing anything about, there is nothing you can do about except just go offline and stay away from such people. OK enough and back to the Tea, like I said I enjoyed this one with milk and sugar not because it needed it but because I just wanted to because it was really good, I like teas this way sometimes I just don't like having to bring out the cream and sugar and all cuz I'm picky and that is a whole different setup from my "usual" but this one really just almost taste like a chocolate flavored Tea with milk and sugar, Really I have had "Milk Chocolate" Flavored Teas that just come nowhere near this one. See don't judge a book by it's cover or a Tea by it's price.

                                           It looks Strong cuz it is, i like it that way :)

                                                                   In different light.
         Not sure how these chicken tenders got on here, Oh Well! I had no pics between BL-CH lol


  1. A good tea is the one you like, not the expensive one :)

    1. I own a tea company ( I carry all sorts of teas, from the 'cheap' to the 'high end'. There is a certain level of superiority complex when it comes to certain tea people, I've seen them and some of my servers had to deal with them (outraged if they don't know a technical answer). They make up 1/2 of 1 percent of tea drinkers. Most people do not look for 10, let along 90 Darjeeling. Most just want a Darjeeling - so I stock one consistently, and then sometimes certain seasonal flushes.

      But it's like anything else - people tend to congregate with people that only agree with their view point. It's like Apple versus Android. Ultimately you have to respect an individuals decisions and don't preach. I've found with employees who never had good food - instead of saying 'stop eating garbage' - have them try something on the menu, and they are like wow..this is good.

      I've sampled hundreds, maybe thousands of teas. I can tell you that some teas that are super expensive are not always "better". I tried a gyokuro that was double the price of what I am offering, and honestly my lower priced variety had a more pronounced flavor.

  2. This is an extraordinary tea-I've never tasted any like it; as mentioned, caramel and cocoa 'notes' come to the fore. Unfortunately, it appears to be no longer available from Upton. BTW, Upton is a company that specializes in great values like these-I'd mention other teas of theirs that I've tried but (sorry!) I want them to remain in stock! Their closest competitor is Harney, who also have great teas, but who are generally a bit more expensive with less selection-a typical example being Upton's stock of over 90 Darjeelings compared to 10 at Harneys.