Monday, February 18, 2013

Dragon Feelers By Butiki Teas

I think my nose is getting a little messed up,maybe I'm catching a cold or something which means that my taste might be a little bit off today but I'm going to have Tea anyways and I'm going to write about it, right now now I'm having "Dragon Feelers" By Butiki Teas  because I just so happen to find a "lost" sample of it, I'd have already written about had I not lost it and really glad to have found it.

1st steep in the Gawain was 3 minutes as per directions, it brews up a nice clear yellow color with a slight green touch (according to Lance*), the taste was very delicate but quite pleasant slightly vegetal flavor that i just can't place, tho the taste was delicate the flavor of the tea was above the line. No bitter or astringency just wonderful tea flavor.

2nd steep I added 25 seconds,it yielded the exact same pale color and that same wonderfully delicate tea flavor as before but of course slightly stronger and this time unknown pleasant vegetal flavor became kinda like sweet peas?? not sure, it was very delicious tho :)

3rd steep I added another 25 seconds putting total steep at 3 minutes 50 seconds, the color was a little more clear/transparent this time Lance said it still had it's yellow but lost it greenish tinge, taste was slightly weaker than the last steep but otherwise the flavor was pretty much the same.

4th steep full 5 minutes this time the color was just a pale yellow and the taste was very slight, the flavor this time was starting to fade, in fact the flavor really faded a good bit between these two steeps, I'm afraid this tea is near it's end.

OK That was my original writings on this tea from my notebook from the lost sample, I had not intended on writing a blog post on this one at first so I missed out on photos of the dry leafe so I talked to Stacy at Butiki to see if perhaps she had a few other photos of the dry leafe that weren't on the site she didn't BUT She is a nice Lady and She sent me another sample of it to try again and take some photos :)

I'm glad for the second sample also because at the time of my first writting I think I was catching cold or something because my nose was messed up pretty bad which could have changed my taste also So now I get to try this tea all over again and Re-write about it with good tastebuds.

1st steep this I get same yummy tea flavor and slight vegetal taste of maybe of green beans or sweet pea not sure still but vegetal for sure, this time tho there was a slight difference that I did not pick up before and that is a slightly metallic twang, but not at all in a bad way in fact very pleasant, what is that? the best I can describe like I said is slightly metallic.

2nd steep this time I add 2o secs to each steep just because, kinda consistent with the first again nice a vegetal but slightly stronger this time but still pretty much same as before that slight metallic note is still present but like I said its quite enjoyable(again I ask myself what IS that?), good to swish around in the mouth.

3rd steep, almost the same but the metallic taste that (which now I'm really enjoying) is trying to go away I wish it would stay tho I'm not sure exactly how to describe it, I look at other folks notes on steepster to see if I can figure out if anybody else got that or what, alls I see there that may be it and that I don't understand is a word that is also in the description "marine" that I have no clue what that means. I never had a Marine before lol, is that the word that describes this metallic taste? I'm not sure, the word marine makes me think of water from the ocean, surely ocean water has metallic minerals or something in it so maybe that's it. 

4th steep still slightly vegetal but same as the last time I drank it not much else to say but that it's starting to fade at this point, tho I will get another steep I think it is just about spent.

5th steep long time(didn't time it) almost just hot water now the only flavor I get is when I breathe in after a sip, very faint vegetal taste there.

This Tea is has very delicate and light and never was it very strong at all, I think the 2nd steep each time was the best. Thanks to Stacy for the generous sample I had enough for one more session, and I went for it just could not resist.
I tried my usual short steep of just a few seconds and Surprise nice vegetal flavor comes out very faint tho.

Then I did 3 minute steep and added sweetener and Yummy! if sweetened it takes on a honey-like taste, like alfalfa honey, tho I prefer it without the sweetener. 

* Lance is my other half, when I speak of colors in my posts it's him that tells me the colors because I'm Colorblind :) 
**Now YOU can see the color yourself, Did he tell me right?? lol

Lance say it looks like little pea pods or something which I agree, My friend John saw it and said it looks like   wheat to him, either way it is very nice to look at.

 Lance says the steeped leafe looks like Over sized puffed up Rosemary to him lol


  1. Fantastic pictures! I use "marine" for unspecific ocean notes.

  2. You forgot to add a link to this tea shop, wanted to see the shop's listing, interesting stuff :)

  3. @ IGGY so sorry, here is the link
    Stacy has some really good teas there, do check them out, I'll remember to add the links to the sites now :)