Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jin Xuan Oolong Gaoshan Tea from Ebayshop Shanghaistory

I enjoyed this one a lot, I'm not sure what to say here because I did a good bit of yakking in my video actually, I can say that after I was done with a my steeps, actually round about the 3rd or 4th steep, I started to notice this "sourish" after taste that lingered in the back of my throat way back deep, it wasn't really an unpleasant sour? but it was noticeable specially when swallowing so it was for sure a lingering aftertaste, I just showed 3 steeps but i got about 8 total and it went on to develop some nutty tones and some cinnamon like spicy notes in later steeps, Overall it had a lot going for it, to sun it up, it was Sweet, slight bitter(in a good way) slight toasty, nutty, spicy, creamy/buttery, greenish and just lots of different subtle note that were very nice, I'd call it a complex flavor profile, Very good tea tho :)
Please don't laugh at my
 amateur video, there is a reason that I'd rather just be quiet and play music instead of talk in my videos, this one is just me talking without music, I hope you enjoy it, thanks!



  1. I love the pitcher, is it from an online shop? I'd love to buy one....

  2. I bought the entire set from yunnansourcing Us site for a very good price, this is the link for it :)