Monday, February 4, 2013

Onyx Single Leafe Pu~Erh Tea by Physique body of Tea

This one was not bad at all it started out a little weak and needed a fed rinses to get it to start steeping to it full potential.
This one gets very dark but beautiful and wonderfully smooth yet earthy with hint or trees or bark, sound like EEWW but if you drink Puerh you know that that to me was actually very yummy, good thing :) it also had tho earthiness of stones mineral like in taste and feel. Now I'm not saying imaging a cup of tea make with rock and sticks but like I said tea drinker will get my point. This tea is an experience like walking through a  Forest in the summer when it's still slightly cool and you can walk around barefoot and just be... it good that the taste of a tea provokes memories rather than a taste, that what this one did for me. I hate to call it a "Redneck Puerh" but it has a very southern woodsy earthy type feel and flavor characteristics. Nice Tea! :)

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