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Xin Ban Zhang Raw Wild Arbor Puerh by YunnanSourcing

Xin Ban Zhang Raw Wild Arbor Puerh by YunnanSourcing
~~2012 Yunnan Sourcing "Xin Ban Zhang" Wild Arbor Raw Pu-erh Tea cake
First flush of spring 2012 material from 60 to 100 year old wild arbor tea trees growing in Xin Ban Zhang village.  Xin Ban Zhang is the neighbor village to Lao Ban Zhang and the tea from here shares much character with Lao Ban Zhang tea.  The bitterness is a bit more persistent with Xin Ban Zhang.  The leaf structure, mouth-feel and aroma is much the same.  An intense cha qi accompanies the drinking experience.  This intensity is the perfect fuel to transform this tea through the years.400 grams per cake
Stone-Pressed in the traditional manner~~~

This one is very bitter at just a 5 sec steep and bold, tho very bitter its still not an unpleasant bitter, kinda like a nice vegetal bitter that lingers like the bitter of a black coffee, there is some sort of woodsy type note I can't place
It's hard to say much more at this point other that is taste like a nice bitter raw puerh, very nice taste.
2nd steep 5 sec also consistent with the first, not much else to note except I'm still not sure what that woodsy almost smokey(maybe)note is.
3rd steep pretty much the same but the vegetal bitter is starting to mellow out slightly
4th steep is almost perfect slight bitter and wonderfully bold raw puerh tea flavor yet at this point the flavor is bold but the taste is now quite mellow and delicate if that makes any sense, slight vegetal notes left from the fading bitter, and that woodsy note is really a woody tone like that of sandalwood but very slight at this point.
5th Steep I have to note at this point I have to note the "intense cha qi" that the seller states in the description at this point this TEA really does have that intense whatever that could give some more sensitive folks a headache or "strange" "weird" energetic feelings enjoyable to some but of course some folks don't like it...I like this feeling to me it is invigorating and euphoric yet grounded and peaceful, like some sort of "Tea High" I could sit and just zone out with this 
puerh :)
ANYWAYS Back to 5th steep its quite consistent with the last steep vert mellow yet bold and hints of sandalwood and slight vegetal notes
6th Steep still consistent as last other than vegetal notes fading more.
7th steep is different first let me say I got the "Tea High" really good right now from this tea, its one of those teas that I could stay up with all night, that wonderful feeling of general happiness and well being brought about by the Tea :) OK so 7th steep is not giving up its about the same as the last steep, I wonder if the fact of back to back tasting of these steeps make ya just get use to a flavor or note until you think it becomes weaker?? I have a theory I'll rest a few more minutes in between this next steep and I'll sip some plain filtered water to refresh my palate and then have a new taste of steep 8 :) My theory is maybe if i refresh my palate a little for a minute then maybe I'll notice that nice bitter again(i miss it ) :)
OK So I waited about 9 minutes during that time I swished my mouth with lukewarm water and started sipping on iced water to cleanse and refresh my palate.
8th Steep it actually did do some good, it made the same tastes and flavors as before just a little better more noticeable and strong but nothing really new of note. Due to the fact that these were all just like 5 second steeps each and were so good I'm sure I can go to 20 steeps or more and that's exactly what I'm going to do but I'm going to end this post now I feel like I'm just rambling now but I will take photo of the very last of the leaves :) , get ya a cake of this tea.

These are my photos, keep in mind that the end steeped leafe do look a little broken and torn, there is very much a reason for that, I chose to steep it using the broken bits and pieces rather then the chunks of intact leafe just so I could save the intact chunks for later, really simple, the broken bits are still pretty to me, Sorry this post was so long, Thanks For Reading it :)


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