Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yunnan Premium Silver Thread Green Tea by Puerhshop

This tea is really good to me I probably just never had one like it.I am going to attempt to log a review of this one based one my hand written notes, it will be short so I don't go astray too much like I'm sure I will in my blog, if i post it.
Anyways hard to tell is this tea Green Or white tea cuz i kinda pick up characteristics of both so it kinda confused me, Any way here is just some of my notes please with for the entire blog soon bear with me going through some horrible shit right not and gotta stay medicated, Any some from notes~~  Damn got two and a half pages omg it sill I'll try to make it short sorry :)
First lets say this tea makes me happy, very happy for some reason unknown, kinda like my Black Pearl do, just makes me feel good :)
I rinsed it the first time just like I always do out of habit but maybe perhaps it didn't need a rinse, anyway I drink the rinse as my first steep because it seemed to thing to do, The first little rinse about (10 to 15 secs) steep was actually pleasant and i was hope full that it would give me a hint of what to come in further steeps, I didn't really, each step was a little different.
Steep 2 !Short version~ 20 sec steeps time, just amazing very slight bitter this time that was rather pleasant but no astringency at all, taste like a white green blend to me, it has a slightly honey sweetness coming through
 like like of some white teas, i hold it in my mouth for a bit and just swish it around to savor the taste, taste like tea pure good tea taste(greenish/white) tea taste very pleasant.
Steep 3 remained pretty consistent up too about steep 7 except that I loose that slight bitter that I was enjoying, skip ahead a few steeps to Steep 9 and theres my bitter ever so slightly it makes the tea seen more green to me and less white honey sweet to me and more veggie sweet and slightly bitter with kinda hay like(not grassy at all) is greener to me. This tea is full of complex flavors but the taste falls slightly faint(maybe my brewing method, that's just the what I do it. This time I'll do as I did with others I'll toss my current water and heat fresh water. Then I'll steep numbers 10 thru 15 for a full minute each, I'll post about #10 and #15 only and end this long review, Sorry I'm on pain medicine for a toothache and I'm hype talkative right now.... Steep 10- 1 minute 0 sec almost boiling water"not quite" and its already starting to fade away pretty much I don't think another steep will happen but ill try steep 11 at 3 minutes :)
#minutes steep??? on number 11??? not such a great idea this tea is spent!
It was really good while it lasted, I'm glad I have a good bit more of it :)