Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Black Tie-Guan-Yin from Upton Tea Imports

Black Tie-Guan-Yin from Upton Tea Imports-
From Fujian province, this is a fully oxidized tea made from a cultivar normally used to produce Tie-Guan-Yin Oolong. The cup has a round flavor, with notes of red wine, and toasty hints. The aroma has a sweet note and a subtle hint of cocoa.

Super Good! Very tasty, pretty and smells great!
This one has a sweet aroma in the leafes that almost smells like chocolate while steeping, very nice scent that makes ya just wanna close your eyes and stick your nose in the gaiwan after you pour the water off and I did just that several times lol.

The leafes are pretty to look at also, they look like they are little leaves twisted up like little needles, as the leafe steeps it un twists into pretty little leafes and tips.

The taste of this one is wonderful, to me it is slightly woodsy with bold notes of cocoa maltyness and maybe caramel, kinda malty and just really super good.
The second and third steep were the best, they were malty and tastes of so much of cocoa it was almost like it was a flavored tea or something and caramel hints with some  roasty toasty characteristics of a darker oolong and the flavor was lingering in the mouth with a slight bitter.
by the fourth and 5 steeps it had lost the maltness and caramel hints but the woodsy note is back and the cocoa notes are still there, on the fifth steep a slight "whiskylike" note somehow came about.

I could not resist since this one is a black tea I tried my second session of it with a little sweetener added and I was not at all disappointed I enjoyed it very much, With sweetener this tea is most delicious very much like a flavored tea of dark chocolate, Sweetener brings the cocoa notes in this tea to the front line and gives it an awesome dark chocolate taste, there is even a slight bitter that you get from dark chocolate. all other flavor notes in this tea when it was unsweet are masked by the sweetener that enhanced the cocoa into chocolate, just plain delicious is alls else I can say.

I you try this one please do drink it straight without sweetener at least at first but please do also try it sweetener you may love it even more, It's totally different but really delicious both ways, I think it may even make a decent Iced Tea if it isn't sweetened too much.

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