Saturday, April 6, 2013

Silver Trip by Daoli

Silver Trip by Daoli 
Often when it is nice weather outside I enjoy having my tea outside, i don't have a special place for tea out there or anything like that it's just Lyra and Me sitting outside on the front steps having tea.
Today is a good day for having a green tea outside so I decided to try Silver Trip sample from Daoli Tea,
Daoli Silver Trip is made of slightly fermented raw (or sheng) pu’er tea from the Yunnan province pressed into small nuggets. Silver Trip undergoes very little fermentation and has taste, aroma, and texture characteristic of green teas. Try Silver Trip now to enjoy its fresh and invigorating taste or let it age naturally to develop a more mellow and soothing flavor. These neatly pressed coins are made of top-grade sheng puer from Yunnan’s Wuliang mountain. The Chinese name of this tea (yinya) reflects the fact that it predominantly consists of silver (yin) buds (ya) – young shoots of the first spring vintage. It also contains a small proportion of delicate stalks that add some natural sweetness to the palette.

This little tuocha is pretty to look at with little silver fuzzy buds pressed together and has a nice slightly sweet aroma.
The taste of this one was very nice, sweet and vegetal with a slight pleasant astringency. It has very bold almost white tea flavor to me that develops more into young raw puerh flavors after a few steepings with a slight spicy almost peppery bite to it while still remaining slightly sweet and vegetal.
Only thing I did not care for about this tea was the amount of visible stems in the tea after steeping BUT the description of the tea states that they are there to add natural sweetness to the tea, I'd just rather see more whole leafes and buds than to see sticks and stems.

                                                                    Baby Girl Likes it!


  1. Those stems shaved off few points from the final score with me too, but's it's very nice tea, like a really potent Silver Needle.

  2. Hi Alen. Thanks for the review.

    Just a side note: you samped Silver Bud aka Silver Trip ( which is a bit different from Amazing Silver Bud ( The two teas differ in shape (nugget/coin), size, and buds/stalks ratio.

    1. Thanks for clarification Roman, I wasn't aware of it. I thought both Tommy and me sampled the same tea.