Wednesday, June 5, 2013



A phenomenal single-origin, organic green tea from northern China - this Mao Jian is smooth, rich, and absolutely lovely. It's grown in high-altitude cloud forests where the unique microclimate keeps the soil highly fertile. The dark green tippy leaves are twisted into thin pointed spindles that unfurl in your cup, revealing delicate young tea buds. These jade tips steep into a vibrant green infusion with notes of artichoke hearts and buttery Chardonnay, imparting a richness best described as umami.  In addition to providing antioxidants, Mao Jian Jade Tips is also rich in selenium and zinc. Over two thousand years of tea history, Mao Jian green tea has been considered one of the ten most famous teas in China.

This one has a nice slightly smokey vegetal scent to it while the leafe is dry but upon steeping the aroma goes sweet and vegetal, to me it smelled like an open can of English peas lol, a pleasing aroma.
First time I tried this one I followed steeping instruction on the bag by boiling my water and allowing it to cool for 3 minutes with a steep time of 2 minutes.
This brew was a pale yellow-Green color with slightly sweet vegetal flavors(like green beans) nothing special at first but not bad either, it was pleasant but it was just a little delicate for my taste so I decided to adjust the steeping temp and time for the next session. I got 3 steeps from my first session.
Second Session I Did not allow my water to cool for 3 minutes and i steeped it for about 3 1/2 minutes, Much better a little stronger flavors and this time a slight pleasant bitter that I kinda enjoyed, the taste tho was quite consistent with the first session, the same slightly sweet vegetal goodness that is reminiscent of Green beans or peas from a can but this time the flavors was just a little stronger and it has an interesting "mouthfeel" that to seemed to coat the tongue and linger for a short while after swallowing,Its was actually quite pleasant.
After these two sessions I still had some tea left and for some reason I felt like I wasn't getting all I could from this tea, so I decide to keep trying it. I just happen to see a post on facebook with a link about this tea  In this article was mentioned a cold brew of this tea So I decided that my next try would be a cold brew.
I just added the rest on my leafe to a large glass and poured cold water over it then placed it into the fridge overnight.
When I tasted the tea this morning it blew me away, it was just awesome good and extremely refreshing, the tastes that I got before of green beans or peas was omg so delicious and it had natural sweetness with a slight "smokey?" hint to it and honestly I still can't find the words to describe the taste or experience of it because I just don't know how to put it in words, sorry, I am going to attempt to describe the best I can and maybe somebody knows what I'm talking about, this may sound really weird but  when I was young we used to eat corn from the garden straight off of the stalk and munch on raw green beans and other things, the taste of these foods like that was very fresh and delicious to me and I enjoyed it very much WELL for some reason THAT is what comes to mind when drinking this tea cold brewed, I'm NOT saying that this one taste just like eating these things BUT there is "something" about the taste and flavor of this Tea that brings about the memory of eating such tasty things like that straight form the garden. Vegetal?? maybe it was vegetal to me but not like some other green teas. 
Make a long story short, I really enjoyed this tea a lot, it provoked memories that i haven't thought of in years and it was a really nice experience to have tried it, I'm glad to have done the cold brew cuz that is where the flavor is at.
Thanks To Alen D for giving me this one :)


  1. Looks great, glad that I made a good pick for you :)