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I've not had much experience with Darjeeling teas, So I was very happy to have received some samples from
I received 3 different ones a 1st flush black, 2nd flush black and a 1st flush green so I decided to just put them all in this post with short writing of my personal experience with each.
Also Thnk You to my friend on FB Niranjan Naulakha from Darjeeling Tea Boutique for introducing me to these nice Darjeeling samples :) 
*Also sorry that my writing about each is so short they are really great teas, I just haven't seemed to be able to find my right word here lately.*

This is a very good tea, first thing I enjoyed was the wonderful aroma of fruits when i opened the bag, it smelled or grapes and raisins almost like some red wine.
the liquor had a thin body but the taste was quite bold strong with fruity notes like raisins and an almost bitter astringency that left a drying sensation lingering on my tongue.There were also some slightly sweet floral type notes with just a hint of citrus.
I tried this one with a little sugar just to see how it would taste and the raisin notes turned to grape like flavors.
I've had a few "ice wine" teas that tasted similar. This one was really good but I was a bit put off by the linger dryness.
if that grape/raisin like taste is the "muscatel" then i got it for sure, I'm not really sure what muscatel suppose to be.

I didn't get much aroma from the dry leafe of this one but the steeped leafe has an almost floral black tea aroma to me with slight citrus notes.
This one taste much better to me than the second flush it is much lighter and easier to drink without the off putting astringency, there is plenty astringency still but nothing like the second flush this one is a very pleasant astringency yet it also lingers on the tongue, Also I'm getting really nice just black tea taste from this one without the raisin like notes instead this one to me seems to have slightly stronger floral notes and a little sweeter than the 2nd flush but at the same time
This tea is a lot more delicate than the 2nd flush and it brewed up a lot lighter also I took photos of all of these for you guys to see. 
I think that a touch of lemon would be nice in this tea, no sugar.

This one was my favorite I think :)
It had a slight vegetal aroma when dry and a sweet grassy aroma when steeped.
I love it, nice grassy green vegetal type notes almost like bamboo leafes, some slight fruity notes also maybe pear like with a slight pleasant astringency. if I could afford this one often I would buy it and keep it in stock here it is delicious. 
the grassy vegetal tastes are very crisp and refreshing I think this one would be nice on ice.
I also had bought some lemons after trying the first two Darjeeling and I was able to try this one with a touch of lemon and it was perfection, very nice tea :)
side note: interesting thing about the fresh lemon juice as you see by the photo this tea steeps up nice and light in color well after adding the lemon juice it goes even lighter, as if the lemon juice sucks out all of the color.

                            without lemon
                            without lemon
                            with lemon
with lemon

The website at D.T.B says
 "To fully appreciate the muscatel aroma and the taste, treat your cup of Darjeeling as the finest of wines.
Whiff before you sip. Then roll the mild liquor around the tongue. (ideally without milk and sugar) Wait for the faint hint of the world famous aesthetic sensation, followed by the warm-sweet-mellow & a sometimes fruity taste. Once your senses are fine tuned enough to discern the distinctive Darjeeling flavour, it will be a lifetime obsession – as it has been with connoisseurs around the world."

Did I learn a little about Darjeeling sure, however I still need to experience many more of these delicious teas to "fine tune" my senses enough to recognize the distinctive Darjeeling flavors, I really enjoyed these they were indeed wonderful teas, I'm glad to have had the chance to try these and I'm looking forward to trying even more 1st flushes and green Darjeelings in the future.

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