Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Master Han's Wild Picked Yunnan Black Tea From Verdant

Master Han's Wild Picked Yunnan Black by Verdant

Every batch of tea from Master Han is very different from the harvests before. This is because, instead of trying to reproduce results through identical processing, Master Han tastes, smells and carefully evaluates each harvest he picks to determine what will bring out the most in the natural leaf.

This unique black tea is lighter than Master Han’s last harvest, closer to a sheng pu’er in its perfumed florals, 
crisp vegetal aftertaste and bright body. Yet, it is definitively a black tea in its caramel, malt and chocolate 
notes. A tea like this challenges the hold fast lines between categories and in doing so, challenges our palates with new pairings. To find so much bright citrus in a chocolatey black tea is something that many strive for through blending. The creamy sweet body, nutty aftertaste and herbaceous undertones evoke that certain olive oil taste that all of Master Han’s Qianjiazhai teas seem to have.

I've tasted and written many notes on Verdant teas but I 
haven't posted many because mine seem to be usually quite 
different than what the website says and what reviews by 
others say.This review is still different than what the website and others have to say about this tea But I decided I'm going to post it anyways, At least it comes closer to what other reviews have to say than any of my other Verdant notes ;)

I brewed this one in my yixing but I steeped it western style 
as suggested on Verdant website.

Steep 1  Was most delicious very malty taste with hints of 
caramel,slight pepperlike spice, slightly vegetal/citrusy on 
the end.

Steep 2 Was even better, nice and malty still with the caramel and maybe even chocolate type notes. It was a little nutty even with a pepperish type spice.
Vegetal notes on the end at first,Then the vegetal notes go into an aftertaste almost like citrus in the back of the mouth.

Steep 3 Was better still strong caramel and malty but a little 
more nutty this time. Pepper type notes still present, 
slightly vegetal on the end still followed by citrus almost 
floral aftertaste. I'm really enjoying this Tea a lot :)

Steep 4 is yummy Caramel and Whiskey? Yep. this time it has kind of a watered down whiskey type flavor about it but still caramel notes tho and still slightly nutty with a slight 
pepperish spice and citrusy floral after taste.
I really like this Tea it's a very nice black tea to me, I'm 
probably going to try to buy some more of it while I can.
This tea also isn't the first tea I've had that has reminded 
me of whiskey or had whiskey type notes and flavors, but that don't happen very often. I'm not big on whiskey really but I like those notes in a tea when they happen.

                                          First Steep
                                          Last Steep

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