Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tuffy Steeper from The Tea Spot

I'm not really big on special tea steeping gadgets and such and I think I may have even went on a little rant about them in my Tea Lover's Group at one point in time about them.
I'm sure you all know what I mean when I say steeping gadgets things like the steeping spoons and tea balls and steep sticks and the list goes on and on, Anyways I feel that most of those gadgets are simply overpriced and unnecessary and some of them can even be more fuss and mess than making your tea the old fashioned way.

Now I'm not going to lie tho I feel this way about the gadgets I still own a few of them myself and actually I just got a new one as a gift from a friend and that's why this topic is fresh in my mind again, It is a little red Tuffy 
Tea Steeper from The Tea Spot.

My friend Alen D won a contest with The Tea Spot and his gift was a free Tuffy with his next order which he passed along to me as a gift, Thanks! Alen! I love this little thing. It is easy to use no mess, portable and perfect. 
You can even put your loose tea in it with the lid on and carry it with you without having to bring teas and this and that, I actually had a chance to do use it on the go the other when We went to visit a friend and I put my dry tea inside put the lid on and took it with me, it was perfect.

In the video you'll see it in use on the go, all I did from home was put my tea inside put the lid on, you can even collapse it down with some teas depending on the leaf.
My friend Josh and I like to have tea together frequently and he works at a hotel that has cups and hot water and such so all I had to bring with me was the Tuffy with tea inside(I did not extend it completely due to the smaller cup, but it worked just fine)

This is a good little gadget, tho not a necessity it's still very convenient and well worth having around just in case, it's a lot better than some others. Only one concern I have about it that only time will tell is How long will the silicone rubber stay connected to the hard plastic upper piece? I shall find out one day, I hope it's not soon :)

I made this video and wrote this post well before I had a chance to post it and since then I've won another "steeping gadget" from My next one is a Steep-&-Go steeper that fits onto am empty bottle for cold brewed tea on the go, I'll blog on it soon too, when I receive it :) I hope my video works, I stopped using youtube for them because youtube messes with mt background music and sounds too much, so i just uploaded it straight from the computer instead.

I want to say a little something else, first I apologize to everyone subscribed to me for lack of posts I've been in a depression that robbed me of my joys but I'm trying to recover and get through it, I know my blog isn't very exciting just a regular guy writing small stuff about the teas hes tried, No articles or big writes or anything like that BUT that's all it's ever really going to be is just me writing about what I think about different teas because I'm just a Tea Drinker and not really a Writer, I have asked a friend to join me in tasting some Teas and writing some reviews on my blog about them so that I could at least offer another persons point of view and writing sometimes and to motivate me to write more and spend time on my blog, don't expect a huge change or anything but I will be posting more often.

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  1. I don't know why some of the words in my post get any underline and appear as links, I did not do that on purpose and they wasnt like that when I had originally posted the blog.
    the only word that I did that way on purpose was Depression so folks could read about it, Blogger did all the rest lol SORRY :)