Saturday, August 10, 2013

Manistee Moonrise by Whispering Pines Tea

Manistee Moonrise by Whispering Pines Tea

The Manistee river is a river running 190 miles through the northern lower peninsula of Michigan. This beautifully peaceful river is home to very abundant wildlife and is a sanctuary for an endangered bird, the Kirtlands Warbler. A river fringed with flora and fauna — not much can give a person a deeper feeling of freedom.

I tried this one yesterday morning and I woke up with a my nose all stuffy and just not feeling very well, I naturally assumed that maybe the spearmint in this one would help to make my nose not so stuffy So This is the one the one that I decided to try first and I'm really glad i did :)
Ok so The aroma of this one is Smokey and Minty at the same time which was very pleasant. I knew from the description of this one that I could expect some smokeiness and of course spearmint But I did not expect to pretty much be blown away by this Tea, It is just So Good!!!

Seriously tho, This Tea IMO is a very nice blend; It has just the perfect amount of smokiness without overpowering other flavor or just being to strong itself, I know from exp with other blends the Lapsang-Souchong can mess up a good tea fast by being overly strong however that was not the case with this one, it seems to have just the perfect amount of lapsang in it.
The Spearmint is very bold and delicious in this blend and it actually compliments the smokiness of the Lapsang-Souchong  very well and makes for a very nice Tea.
I'm not sure if I'm able to pick up on elderberries,I'm Not even sure that I know what they taste like alone or in a tea lol But there was some very faint slight interesting spicey like fruity notes in this one to me, I can only assume that would be the elderberries but then again i dunno, the spicey fruitiness of it is almost like raisins or something to me But these notes were very faint. 

Overall i really really enjoyed this Tea and I plan on buying more ot it. I plan on buying more of this tea to share with my brother Perhaps we will go out into the woods near my house and share a pot of it together. My brother and I do things like that from time to time, he likes to make "wilderness" teas by picking some of the plants and shrubs and such that grown in the woods near the house, He knows more about that type of thing than I do. I think that he would enjoy to try this Tea next time we are Out-n-About instead of gather things for one of his "wilderness" teas.
I also think that this would be a perfect tea for taking on a camping trip or just for spening some time alone out in nature.
Anyways I've said enough, This is a wonderfull tea i love it, Will buy more and share it with my friends.


The Kirtlands Warbler sings for freedom and the river otter sips from the heart of the Manistee.


  1. Looks like an interesting blend, I haven't heard of any flavoured Lapsang Souchong blend before. The only way to recognize certain notes in tea is to try the prime bearers of it. I don't know how does honeysuckle taste like so I can't really identify it in tea, and I saw many tasting notes on Steepster that mention it.

    BTW, you're good at story telling, I'd like to read more of it :)