Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pretty Teas and Something Corny :)

Here are a few Teas that I have that I think are visually "pretty" to look at so I thought I'd share them.
If they post in order they are-
I hope they show up nice :)
                            C.Sinensis Silver Needles
                            C.Taliensis Silver Needles
Artisan Golden Tips Yunnan Black
                            Moonlight White Puerh
                            Silver Buds Yabao
                    And Last but not Least, Silver Needles Cake, Two Photos of it because something "Corny" happened, See the second cake that is still wrapped in the first photo? well the second photo is it unwrapped and What Do I See??  Looks like Corn to Me!! LMAO Now, I have found some weird thing pressed into Puerh Teas, things like Hairs, Feathers, Rock/Pebbles and Stones, Metal, Plastic and a few Unknown items appearing to be Seeds or Cloves, I have NEVER found a Corn until today, I think it's funny


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