Friday, August 23, 2013

Zen Master Blend and Eucalyptus by Whispering Pines

I was going to write up a post about Ashes of Autumn Tea by Whispering Pines but it had to wait a little while because I've been dealing with some sinus issues but I've been drinking the Zen Master Blend and Eucalyptus a good bit during my illness so I can post about them instead.
I decided to just go ahead and post a double about both of these two because they both have helped me a good bit while I was going through sinus issues.
I don't usually drink teas or herbal tisanes for medicinal purposes and I didn't order the Zen Master Blend to use medicinally to start with it just happens that I was ill shortly after receiving my Tea in the mail and I figured it may help me a little bit So I drank it and honestly it surprised me because it actually helped me more than just a little bit.
I had originally bought the Zen Master because it sounded pretty good and I had never had a Tea with Eucalyptus in the blend, after drinking it I realized not only did it taste really good it also made me feel so much better so I decided to buy the Eucalyptus by itself to give it a try.

ZEN MASTER, As you can see from my photo I was very low on it because I had been drinking it so much But I did have enough left to have it one more time and to get some photos.
This tea is Awesome! It is a very interesting Tea that to me it is a high energy tea, it is very refreshing and can really get me awake and going in the morning. It taste slightly smokey and slightly "camphor like" and just really good, I honestly can't describe the taste of it very well but I love it.When sweetened a little bit it almost has a slight minty taste to it and the camphor taste isn't so strong. 
The aroma is also wonderful and hard for me to describe in words slightly "camphor like" I'm not sure if that is even a word but I use it because that the only thing I can think of to even try and describe the aroma.
So not only does it taste really good but I was correct in my assumption that I might help me to feel better, I honestly hate to talk about health benefits of tea and tisanes or any medicinal uses of any teas or herbals because I just don't usually drink them for that reason nor do I think that teas and tisanes that are sold for medicinal effect actually work for all people. Zen Master however really did help me very much during my illness, It actually helped to open up my sinuses and help me to breathe a lot better and just made me feel so good.

EUCALYPTUS, Not quite as tasty as the Zen Master but still tasty to me too,I think this is where the "camphor like" menthol taste was coming from in ZM blend .
What I mean by camphor like is hard to say too, kinda like menthol or Vick's vapor rub But Not in a Bad way at all in fact it is very pleasant and opens the sinuses up much better than any vapor rub.
The Eucalyptus was a lot stronger by itself with those type notes, much like a cough drop or something similar, and it was slightly bitter.
The aroma is also very much like menthol vapors and it was almost instant temporary relief of my sinus congestion and within about 20 minutes of drinking the Eucalyptus I feel so much better.
Sweetener in it cuts down the menthol camphor taste and the bitter some but it is still very strong. It works just like the ZM did with my sinuses but just a little bit better, I'd use it more for medicinal reasons while I'd drink the ZM Blend for the taste alone. 

I'll purchase both of these again on my next order which I'm sure will be very soon because I see firsthand that they are tasty and helpful.
I have been very pleased with my purchases from Whispering Pines and I think that Whispering Pines is one of my favorites places to order from already, I see some more Teas there that may also be good for me and I'll try them soon. I can't wait to receive my next bunch of teas from WP in the mail :)
                                           Zen Master


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