Monday, October 14, 2013

Medium Roast Jin Xuan by Whispering Pines Tea

I'm such a procrastinator I was suppose to post this days ago, anyways This tea is a Roasted Jin Xuan from Brenden of Whispering Pines Tea Company
Jin Xuan means "Golden Lily" also referred to as Milk Oolong. 
It is a wonderful roasted oolong, I tried it a few different ways and it was delicious every time.
I steeped this one is a clear glass Gawain, with hot water. My steeping times varied from just 30 seconds to 3minutes to even 10 minutes.

When steeped light this tea had a nutty roasty taste with a creamy mouth feel, delicate and nice. 
When steeped a little longer about 3 minutes and so on the taste was very roast and nutty still a lot more so than on the lighter steep with pleasant vegetal notes and a creamy sweet almost buttery smooth mouth feel , very nice.
Steeped at about 10 minutes this tea is much darker still roasty and nutty but this time also slightly woody, the vegetal notes were still pleasant tho now slightly bitter but not in a bad way at all and the creamy smooth mouth feel was still very much present.

I think I preferred this one steeped at about 3 minutes or so without sweetener the best, it can be enjoyed for many steeps this way and you get the leafes full potential.

I also tried this one also with sweetener at one point and it was delicious and roasty with almost like brown sugar type sweetness, it kinda reminded me of raw chocolate chip cookie dough in some strange way, very tasty.
Once again another great tea from WP, this was a very delicious tea and I'm looking forward to having it again soon.
I took a lot of photos of this because I thought the leafe was pretty :)

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