Sunday, April 6, 2014

Caramel Matcha by Red Leaf Tea

I was looking on Facebook last week and I saw a post from Red Leaf offering this Caramel Matcha on sale
so at like 80% percent off I couldn't pass it up I even got 2 instead of just 1 which proved to be a good decision.

Here at our house we drink Matcha in the mornings with milk and a little sugar, we never use water for our matcha But just to be fair I made this one with water and no sugar also just to make sure I tasted it the best I could.
First the Smell from the packet was incredible, a most wonderful caramel like Aroma with a hint of something that I honestly wasn't expecting which reminded me of Whiskey, I'll talk about that again later*.

Made cold with Milk and Sugar the Caramel Matcha was very Delicious and creamy sweet, no joke just like drinking a Caramel candy But the aroma while drinking still reminded me of Whiskey. The Aroma of the milk Matcha was pretty much the same as the aroma in the packet very nice strong Caramel like aroma that reminded me of whiskey in a strange way. I actually really enjoyed that tho, I didn't mind it at all.

*Now I'll say something about the hints Whiskey I get from the aroma of this Matcha, You may not get that at all But I'm sensitive to caramel coloring that is used it some whiskeys for some reason, I can smell and taste it somehow, most folks can't but I can and I believe that is the ONLY reason that this is reminiscent  of whiskey to me. It's just the Caramel :)

Made with hot water and no sweetener the way it is suppose to be made this one was still super yummy,
Still tastes very much just like caramel just not as sweet or creamy of course and this time with just a touch of bitter but not in a bad way. Also made hot killed the whole whiskey thing too.
I do notice a lingering sweet caramel aftertaste in the unsweet Matcha too, That is were the magic is for me, right there in the aftertaste, pure Caramel Perfection!
Any way you wanna try it, This is an awesome flavored Matcha and I bet it is delicious either way!

One more thing!
 I see on the Red Leaf site that you can kinda customize your Matchas flavor and strength there and I don't remember the details on This one that they offered on sale but I really couldn't imagine it any other way. 


  1. I enjoy the caramel matcha, but the eggnog is my favorite :-)