Saturday, April 19, 2014

Genmaicha by Whispering Pines

I've read a few stories online about Genmaicha so I'm not really sure how this tea came to be, I think most likely the toasted brown rice was added to the tea to try and a little bit of tea into alot and make it more affordable, I also think its a Japanese tea. 
I found this really cool story on YaYa Teahouse's Blog section,
Genmaicha - tea with a history of blood and remorse
I don't wanna take their story or anything so I'll share the link for you to go and read it, it's about a Samurai.
I hope they don't mind me sharing it here with you :)

I like Genmaicha tea I've had lots of different variations of it, some with popcorn and other things in it, some of them are pretty good.

This is Whispering Pines Genmaicha, a simple take on it, just tea and rice nothing extra. 
Brenden uses California grown brown rice and a Chinese tea rather than a Japanese tea.
The tea used Xinyang Mao Jian made in Henan Province of China. Mao Jian has a history dating back to around 800 BC,
legend says that this tea was brought down from heaven by 9 faries and given to humans to enjoy, it also says that you can see the faries dancing in the hot steam of the tea, I didn't see any faries this time tho, maybe next time.

The aroma is really good and comforting cuz it smells like Sugar/Honey Smacks cereal, mmmmm memories :)
The flavor is really nice its nutty, toasty and sweet with a slight citrus note to it, taste like a good genmaicha to me.
The leafes are pretty to me also, very small twists that untwist into little bitty leafes some of them whole, the leaves are so small that each ounce of Mao Jian has nearly 3,000 leaves.

I like this version of Genmaicha better than my own blend that I usually drink, thats because Whispering Pines has good teas...
Good Tea makes Good Blends..

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