Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yunnan Gold Black Tea from Teasenz


This pretty much the same review that I posted on steepster with just a little extra at the end and with photos,
Thanks for Reading :)

The Aroma of the dry leafe is really sweet and honeylike, most pleasant.
The leafe appearance is beautiful golden yellow buds with very small visible hairs, very pretty to look at, they look a little different from most of the other yunnan golds I've had.

I steeped this one first as directed on the website 3-5 minutes at about 203degrees, I went for 5 minutes.
The taste is delicious with very nice yet slightly subtle flavors, sweet fruit notes and malt a little peppery on the end, very slight astringency on the aftertaste.
The taste is really good tho it is a little weak to me just not quite as bold as some yunnan golds and dian hongs that I've had.

The second steeping is a little better than the first the flavors are a little stronger but still sligthly "weak" I hate to call a tea weak like that maybe it's just not bold enough for my personal preference, I think perhaps a rinse would have made the first steep even tastier so i'll do that next time.

Overall this is a pretty good tea to me, the fact that it is a little weak to me means not much really because it is still very tasty and enjoyable, perhaps this would be perfect for some folks.

Here are some photos of the leafe, To me it is very pretty to look at, it does look a little different than some yunnan golds I've had just because to me they look a little drier if that makes sense, the leafe tips don't look as "fat" as some do to me and they are quite brittle easily crushed and broken, most yunnan golds that I have are soft so these just look a little different to me but the wet leafe is plumped up and pretty still the same as most others.
They are still pretty to look at tho, some of the leafe are so golden that that are bright yellow even, I hope my photo are good enough :)

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  1. Oh I do love those fuzzy golden leaves, just looking at them puts me in a good mood.