Friday, July 11, 2014

House Tieguanyin, Lots #1 and #2 by Whispering Pines Tea

House Tieguanyin, Lots #1 and 2 by Whispering Pines Tea

House Tieguanyin, Lot #1 by WP
I had originally brewed in a glass gaiwan but I've been brewing in a tall glass here lately with a lot of my teas, i find that some of them taste better that way, For some reason they can steep that way and never get bitter or over brewed or anything negative.
#1 has a roasty and slightly sweet aroma to me much roastier than the flavor.
The flavor is slightly roasty with a slight vegetal almost woodsy note with flavors of caramel and honey and even a little floral.
the Caramel notes to me are like the caramel coloring used in whiskey some folks cant even taste the caramel in the coloring but I can. I did get a slight fried banana type fruity note that was hidden in the caramel and some mineral notes too. I like this one, it is quite nice.

House Tieguanyin, Lot No. 2 by WP
Ok so I decided to review these two together because I thought that they would be similar but I was kinda wrong about that, They are slightly similar due to the roasty and caramel notes But the #2 seems darker roasted and kinda complex.
It has a lot going on without too much going on and everything that is going on in this one is wonderful!
I'm just going wing it here because I'm not really sure how to describe all the notes and hints and flavors that I am getting from this one.
I cant really compare it to #1 like I thought I was going to be able to.
I'd have to compare it to a maybe a Da Hong Pao and an Amber Oolong at the same time, maybe even to a dancong I'm really not sure but I know this is surely a roast that I love.
Since I'm not really sure how to describe it I'll post all of the different 
notes that I get from this one some of them may even seem to contradict each other.
The notes I get are Roasty, Caramel(comparable to the caramel in #1),mineral, fruit(grape and peach, citrus even), champagne or wine, earth, wood, grape leafe, Darjeeling??, sweet, honey, slight vegetal, slight astringent, grape leafe, wheat/rye, and ??? i dunno.
Sound not so good to you?? too much?? not really honestly all of these notes appear at different times in the tea or as it cool or as it steep longer.
Ya a little complex to me but in a really good way. I think anybody could love this Tea and I bet you get some of these same notes and more, probably some notes that I couldn't pick upon or just didn't know how to describe. Sorry I know this isn't a very good review but it is the best I could do because i just got so much out of this one. It is good steeped light and it is better steeped long and strong, but it never gets too strong. some slight astringent but no bitter at all. Delicious tea :)
Also it is very smooth and sweet, even better for a rainy day like today.

I liked #2 the best steeped long :)

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