Saturday, October 11, 2014

2012 Huron Gold Needle Puerh by Whispering Pines Tea

2012 Huron Gold Needle Puerh by Whispering Pines Tea

This is an All Day Tea!

The aroma of the dry leafe to me is kinda sweet and a little earthy, not damp forest floor earthy like many puerh but instead a dry almost dusty earthiness, Mossy maybe(i dunno what moss smells like). I love this tea already lol
The wet leafe aroma after the rinse is much different from the dry leafe aroma, the first thing I thought of when smelling the wet leafe was Mushrooms, boiled mushrooms like to use in a soup or something, I loves mushrooms so mushroom smell is good to me.

OH MY!!! First sip and I also taste mushroomy notes Yay!!!!!!
Extremely smooth and Silky, almost creamy.
Nice subtle earthy note that is very clean tasting almost mineraly.
Some woody types notes also in there, slight sandalwood.
Raw cocoa notes.
At times I got almost toasty nutty kinda of notes.
At times it was also kinda savory and broth like, mushroomy broth.
This Tea is great hot, warm, cool or cold; it's great with long steeps, short steep or any steeping method.
It is also Long Lasting, I started off saying this was an all day tea because it yields so many steeps, it just wont quit.

I had this one brewed many different ways(except cold brewed) and it is awesome always,
Gong Fu=Awesome!
Double Brewed=Awesome!
I personally found that I like this one best steeped really long, like 10 minutes 1st steep.

I really think this Tea would be Perfect for someone just starting with Puerhs because it is very tasty and smooth with No offensive aromas or tastes at all that most folks find in Puerhs And because there is No Way At All to brew it bad so it cant be messed up, even if it goes cold it will still be great!

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