Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Jingmai Mountain Wild Arbor Black Tea of Spring 2016

The leafe aroma is floral sweet with a hint of cocoa, kinda smells like dark chocolate when Dry
And spicy sweet with notes of sweet potato when wet, I love it.
I enjoyed this one a lot, I meant to write a review on it a while back So I've drank it already before now and jotted down some notes the first time but never finished the review.

I finally come back to this one a few months later for another session to finish my review and it seems that I can't get the same notes as I did the first  time.
My notes this time just didn't match up with what I had jotted own before. I'm not really sure why it seems to have tasted so much different the first time but still a tasty tea.
The aroma I'm guessing was about the same both times because I just put down Sweet potato and chocolate the first time.
The flavors of the dark chocolate, sweet potato and the floral notes were the only thing both sessions had in common, here's a list of the rest, apparently I got all these different flavor notes from the same tea but not at the same time.
Dark chocolate
Sweet potato
Wood(sandalwood maybe)
The mouth feel this time is soft, smooth and velvety with a harder, slightly astringent lingering aftertaste which that's kinda dark chocolatey and little bitter, not unpleasant tho.
I also had this one with a little sugar this time so I could get a friend to taste it, It was only slightly sweetened but the chocolate notes were increased so much, it was Super Delicious.
I have enjoyed this tea, it's a very good tea and inexpensive, maybe it will taste different next time too.
I took the photos with my phone, i hope they look good, couldn't get the blogger phone app to work right not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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